First blog post

Hello friends.

Blogging is new to me. I’ve always dreamed of sitting at home, sipping some posh drink and writing the days away.  But let’s face it, I’m no Carrie. Instead, I work my 9-5 and write when I can.

Let me introduce you to my world – I live in a quaint home with my husband and two children.  I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in accounting (don’t be jealous) and I currently work as a government auditor (again, don’t be jealous).

At the moment, I am 25,000 words into my first novel. Do you want to hear some real talk? This is the HARDEST I’ve ever worked in my life. I didn’t take creative writing classes, I haven’t been published, and my comma placement is less than perfect (isn’t that what editors are for?).  Despite the obstacles I’m likely to face, I’m SO excited. My heart is filled with passion; 89.67% is for my family and the other 10.33% is divided between dark chocolate and my novel. I know that may seem like a less than optimal percentage of passion reserved for my novel but I do what I can.

If you’ve read this far, I’m assuming that means you enjoyed my first attempt at an “official” blog post. Stay tuned for snippets from my novel, short writing exercises, and obscure observations.

Until next time. – Love AK Clark

Note: I will try to control my sarcasm; however, it should be noted that I’m not very good at that type of thing.


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It has been a while. Is anyone there?


Well then, I’ll just keep talking to myself. Admittedly, it’s something I’ve become quite good at. Some would say I excel at it.

The last few months have been some of the hardest in terms of focus. Writing a novel is no joke. It ain’t for the weak of heart (ain’t used for affect).

Focusing is a mental exercise. I have found that writing can improve your focus while simultaneously deteriorating it – especially if you take a break and watch a cat video. Suddenly, 50 videos later, you’ve wasted the entire night watching cats sleeping on Rumbas (those vacuum robots).

While I don’t claim to be an expert, I’ve come up with some nifty tricks to help me focus and get into my  writing zone (none of which worked to night- hence the blog post).

  1. Make sure the children (cat, dog, bird, dinosaur) are (is) fully fed, watered, and soundly asleep. This is key to focusing because let’s be honest, no one has ever written a novel while children were screaming and begging for food in the background (or while the dinosaur roars in frustration as he struggles to pick up the steak you set out).
  2. Indulge in your favorite beverage or dessert. This not only helps you relax, it allows you to open up your mind to all the creative mojo in the air.
  3. Maybe indulge in one more. See above explanation for the benefits of one more indulgence.
  4. Go to your writing place. Mine happens to be on the bed- literally nothing can distract me while I’m sitting on my comfy bed next to my sleeping cat. Right?
  5. Open up your manuscript and be prepared to write! I usually try to think about my story (alright obsess about it) and develop plot points while I’m making dinner, cleaning poopy diapers, or *insert menial task known to make you miserable*.  These horrible chores are prime opportunities to focus on the development of your plot.
  6. You’re ready to start writing! BUT FIRST, since you are on your computer, you may as well open Facebook, Pandora (because focus music), check the news to make sure no one (namely America or North Korea) started WW III, and check your e-mail (which is really only ever full of junk mail).
  7. Once you’ve gotten all of those vital tasks out of the way, you’re ready to write! Return to your manuscript and unleash those fingers. Watch in amazement as your fingers fly, crafting a beautifully poignant tale comparable to the likes of Ken Kesey’s Sailor Song.
  8. Unless they don’t- if they don’t, I suggest you repeat steps 2-7 for good measure. If that still doesn’t work give up and repeat step 2 & 6 until you are lured to a sugar, wine, water (ha), or screen induced comatose.

There you have it. My fool proof- handy dandy- focus tips! I am beyond excited to share these with you and should you have any desire for more tips, feel free to message me (because clearly I’m an expert).

Over and out!


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In light of recent events, I’m struggling to stay loyal. With all the hurt and pain we’ve been through, I’m not sure we can overcome the obstacles in our way. But I will bide my time, waiting for that familiar feeling to come back.



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Haven’t you longed to be that person?

Awe inspiring.

Ever desiring.

Craft brew drinking,

What is she thinking?

One line dropping,

traffic stopping.

Hip coffee shop,

Bubble-gum pop.




Yeah I want that.



© AK Clark 2017

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I sit, staring at my screen, trying to come up with something clever to write for the daily prompt.

“Mama! Watch me twirl!” My 4 year old stares at her skirt as she twirls. The skirt flows around her wildly, a blur of pink, yellow and orange.

There it is! I can’t really describe it, but I feel it. The wild, bold, snarky, and anything but tame nature of my 4 year old. I see passion shinning in her eyes as she dances around the room… Twirling and grooving, completely uninhibited.

I wonder what defining moment will tame her. What will break her wild and free spirit? How can I help her keep it?

“Dance Mama! Dance!”

As always, my answer is yes. Yes baby! Let’s dance.

❤ Mama

The Daily Post

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